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Examples From Our Blackboard


  • Cauliflower

    Deep-fried in golden breadcrumbs, served with Slovak potato salad.

  • Lentil Soup

    A traditional Slovak soup of brown lentils and mixed root vegetables, served with sour cream.

Main Courses

  • Bryndzové Halušky

    Potato baby dumplings with Bryndza (Slovak sheep milk cheese), served with smoked bacon. Slovak national dish. (Subject to availabity.)

  • Leg of Rabbit

    Slow braised in white wine, garlic and fresh herbs, served with buttered carrots, leeks and peas, and sautéed potatoes.

  • Sea Bream Fillet

    With smoked pancetta, runner and fine beans, basil oil, fennel salad, and gratin potatoes.

  • Lamb Shank

    Slow cooked in red wine and rosemary sauce, served with mashed potato and sweetheart cabbage with caraway.


  • Medovnik

    A traditional Slovak cake made with organic honey from East Slovakia, served with fresh raspberry sauce.

  • Makovnik

    A rolled brioche pastry filled with ground poppy seed paste, served with home-made vanilla custard.