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Examples From Our Blackboard


  • Cauliflower

    Deep-fried in golden breadcrumbs, served with Slovak potato salad. £6.50

  • Lentil Soup

    A traditional Slovak soup of brown lentils and mixed root vegetables, served with sour cream. £5.95

Main Courses

  • Bryndzové Halušky

    Potato baby dumplings with Bryndza (Slovak sheep milk cheese), served with smoked bacon. Slovak national dish.  £12.50

  • Leg of Rabbit

    Slow braised in white wine, garlic and fresh herbs, served with young spinach and new potatoes. £13.95

  • Vyprazany syr (Fried Breaded Cheese)

    "Michalovska Tehla" cheese pan-fired in golden breadcrumbs, served with chips, home-made Tartar sauce and green salad. £11.95

  • Lamb Shank

    Slow cooked in red wine and rosemary sauce, served with mashed potato and sweetheart cabbage with caraway. £14.50

  • Plnena paprika (Stuffed Green Pepper)

           Traditional Slovak dish. Pale green pepper stuffed with minced beef and pork, slow cooked in rich tomato and basil sauce,

            served with knedla or mashed potatoes. £12.95


  • Medovnik

    A traditional Slovak cake made with organic honey from East Slovakia, served with fresh raspberry sauce. £6.50

  • Makovnik or Tvarohový závin

    A rolled brioche pastry filled with ground poppy seed paste or Tvaroh (Slovak curd cheese), served with home-made vanilla custard or vanilla ice-cream. £6.50